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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Looking Ahead to the Impossible

Disneyland is going to expand in California. I only mention this fact because of the timeline mentioned at the end of the article, quoted below for convenience:

" on the unnamed project is set to start in 2018, with an opening slated for 2021."

Assuming Alex begins his freshman year of college in fall 2017 and finishes in 4 years, he will be a senior in college in January 2021.That's hard to imagine when Alex allowed his alarm to blare for 15 minutes this AM. When I was about to walk out the door to take down the garbage & recycling to the curb, Megan was about to walk upstairs to wake him up so he wouldn't be late for his 8 AM Fareway shift. I did put the garbage & recycle bin at the curb - I assume Megan woke him up as I didn't go back inside the house.

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