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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Does MS Excel have a Future?

Interesting question. It ties into the idea that what is "hot" and "used by everyone" to perform their work duties is not permanent. Years ago, there was a HAT called ForeHelp, which was a good product. The company that created it went out of business. There have been a number of HATs that have gone that route. In non-HAT software, when I was in college, I typed all of my assignments using WordPerfect and, had I thought about it during college, I likely would have said that I would never use another word processor after, of course, explaining to me that WordPerfect is a word processing program. After all, I had no idea I would ever be typing pretty much all day, every day, for the first 20+ years of my professional career since I thought I'd be a high school English teacher and teaching, not typing, during my career.

This is the article that asks the question I used as a post title:

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