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Friday, March 24, 2017

Warrant ... Rocks?

Now, seriously, does "Only Broken Heart" sound anything like Warrant? Listen to the new tune

and then listen to a tune from the height of their popularity
01-All 4 U-0:00
02-Andy Warhol Was Right
03-April 2031-7:17
04-Bed Of Roses-12:23
05-Big Talk-16:27
06-Blind Faith-20:11
08-Cherry Pie-29:08
09-Dont Say Goodbye Demo-32:29
10-Down Boys-36:25
11-Family Picnic-40:30
13-Hair Of The Dog-48:55
15-Let It Rain-56:16
17-Ode To Tipper Gore-1:04:02
18-Sad Theresa-1:05:00
19-Sometimes She Cries-1:08:26
20-Stronger Now-1:13:10
22-The Bitter Pill-1:21:28
23-The Hole In My Wall-1:23:35
24-The Power Demo-1:29:06
25-Uncle Toms Cabin-1:32:06

and then tell me they sound like the same band.

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