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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pointing a Finger but Feeling Fortunate

Yesterday was my 1 year anniversary at work. I was already feeling humble to recall the trial I went through during the 62 days of purgatory - 1/26/2016 - 3/28/2016 - but to then read about Turkey. Turkey? Bear with me.

America is a great country because of our freedoms that brave men & women fought to give me. I felt humbled to live where I do, to have the possessions I have, to love who I love, and to work where I work when I saw this article - Turkey's jailed journalists 'Sometimes I laugh at this farce': six writers on life behind bars in Turkey Six persecuted writers describe the mental and physical toll of living in the country that jails more journalists than any other - and thought God really must have a plan for me. Truth be told, I also thought, "Those people in Turkey are idiots!" or, as WWE personality / lead singer of Fozzy would say, "Stupid idiot!"

It made me really think about who I am and how fortunate I am who I am.

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