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Thursday, March 9, 2017

User Defined Variable in Title field

Recently, I created a RoboHelp project for a new system. When I did, I defined a user defined variable for the name of the system. Earlier today, I was informed the name of the system was being changed. I opened my RoboHelp project and changed my user defined variable to the new value and recompiled. I then discovered that while my TOC & text within the topics had been updated, the tile of the help system that displays had not changed.

I knew the title is set in the Title Bar field on the General tab, as shown below.

On a whim, I pasted the UDV into the Title Bar field:

When I recompiled, I saw this, which tells me I cannot paste the UDV into the Title Bar unless I would want the name of the tab to be extremely odd...

As I feared and as confirmed by RoboHelp guru Rick Stone, there is no magical way to tie the value in the Title Bar field to a User Defined Variable. That is disappointing, especially since the title of the topic allows inserting a User Defined Variable.

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