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Friday, March 10, 2017

Panic for a Moment

Yesterday, around 11:30 PM, I plugged in my y: EHD in to my laptop.


No light. No popup window saying that my laptop recognized a device had been plugged in.


My stomach immediately started churning.

I began to rationalize what it would mean if this EHD had 'suddenly' died. It can happen. An EHD is not a living / breathing entity. It has no personal vendetta against me or the files I store on it and doesn't care if it's providing a service to me or not.

I had a work-related email to address so I began to work on that.

But I also unplugged the USB cord and plugged it back in. I tried a different outlet in my workspace.


Then, since I drive less than 10 minutes to arrive at work, I decided to go home and try a different USB cord and a different plug. I hadn't eaten lunch and thought I'd grab a sandwich at home.

Instead, when I got home, I went to the den immediately. I tried a different USB cord.


I tried a different electrical plug from my box of cords.


I unplugged the electrical plug from the z: EHD and plugged that in to the y: EHD.

A light shone, not like the sun or like in the movies, but a light lit up on the y: EHD. I unplugged the USB cord from the Z: and plugged it into the y: EHD.

A popup window saying that my laptop recognized a device had been plugged in.

I began to feel better. I slipped a CD into the CD drive to be ripped and returned to work.

Later in the day, I looked at & for a 4 TB portable EHD, thinking I would go purchase one after work. Neither local store had one in stock.

All of that happened yesterday. Today, when I plugged in the y: EHD, still using the z: EHD electrical plug and the z: USB cord, it all worked. Perhaps I can relax that the y: EHD is perfectly fine. Then, I opened Outlook and began reviewing my emails. An email with a link to this article - Best hard drive recovery software to retrieve data for free - was in my Inbox. Is that a signal that I still need to purchase another 4 TB EHD and use that instead of the current y: EHD?

Why do you think I have a browser window open to right now?

Editor's Note: It appears doesn't want it to be easy to find a 4 TB EHD as the options for "size" on their website. It is not user-friendly for anyone seeking a 4 TB EHD when the options for "size" are as follows:

A return trip to yielded this result, which is for a larger 5 TB EHD:

Is not bigger a better option when considering a new EHD?

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