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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Firing up the Lars Lashings with the bold-italic last sentence in the article

From this article - Lars Ulrich: Who I Would Choose to Replace Me in Metallica While we're at it - who do you think would be the best choice? - comes a very broad invitation for the Internet trolls who bash Lars Ulrich's drumming to creep out of the corners of the Internet and into the broad daylight:

Mr. Lars Ulrich was asked by 98 Rock to single out the drummer he would choose to replace him in Metallica if he had to, to which he replied (via Blabbermouth):
"If I could pick it, if I could hear somebody drum behind Hetfield's riffs, I'd take [classic AC/DC drummer] Phil Rudd.
"He's been probably my main, biggest source of inspiration when we did the turnaway from the super-progressive stuff, the crazy stuff after 'Justice,' when we got into the 'Black Album' and the 'Load' stuff, when it got a little more about the bounce and the riffs and the feel and the groove and all that.
"Phil Rudd, he's the top of that pyramid. Hearing Phil Rudd play behind James, that'd be pretty cool."
While we're at it - who do you think would be a good replacement for Lars?

Personally, I would choose Chris Adler - Lamb of God - as Ulrich's replacement. I think he is really a phenomenal drummer, he's grounded in reality and seems like a fantastic all-around person. I realize arguments could be made for the following drummers:
  1. Charlie Benante - Anthrax
  2. Dave Lombardo - Suicidal Tendencies (and others)
  3. Mike Portnoy - Dream Theater (and others)
  4. Gene Hoglan - Testament (and others)
My hope is that there is not a day when Ulrich has to be replaced.

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