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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Taking It Into My Own Hands

I sit in the lower level of my building. There's 3 floors above me. This AM, I went to each floor and in each place where it is appropriate to hang work-related notices, I hung the following flyer. I am hoping there are other musicians in this building that are interested in jamming:

Even if we don't make the June 16th deadline, maybe something else will come from it. I have worked at 5 different companies - this is my 6th. At two of those companies, I played drums in a band with co-workers. If I were able to find a band where I work now, I would be at 50%, which I would personally consider pretty damn good.

Editor's Note: Contact information was changed to be posted on this blog - Qrtb Heson is a fictitious name.

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