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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Yay Me!

I'm writing this post using the new-to-me Windows 10 PC I purchased on Friday evening after work for $60. I have been setting it up since I brought it home. I have accomplished the following:
  • plugged in the wireless keyboard
  • plugged in multiple external hard drives
  • plugged in Brad Guyer's former mouse that I use at work (and take home each weekend because it's so awesome!)
  • installed Office 2016 installed (thanks to the license agreement my employer has with Microsoft)
  • installed Free File Synch (website)
  • ripped CDs like crazy! 

Thankfully, it seems like the CD drive is faster than the Toshiba laptop. It's convenient to have this new PC because, for inexplicable reasons, the Toshiba laptop CD drive is acting up and not ripping CDs. I insert a CD in and nothing happens. I'd be really much more upset about it if I didn't have this new-to-me PC on my desk in the den. Having this new PC also will help me plow through the spindles. I'm ripping Spindle #20 because, thankfully, Megan was home on Friday and ripped the rest of Spindle 19 for me. She used the Toshiba laptop and her own HP laptop too to get through 50 CDs. I plan to utilize her over the next few weeks while she's home in order to plow through the spindles, if she's up for it. 

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