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Friday, May 26, 2017

Money is NOT Enough

Tech workers can make $144,390 in the San Francisco, CA, area, but consider this:

While San Francisco ranks No. 1 for highest tech salary, it falls to No. 20 in terms of overall value, Paysa found. Cost of living reaches nearly $90,000 per year, with the average monthly rent for a three-bedroom apartment in the city center reaching nearly $6,600.

That's insane!

144390 / 52 weeks a year = 2776.73 weekly salary.
2776.73 / 40 hours a week = $69.42 an hour.
Here's a job that showed up in my jobs email:

That's a $44.42 / hour deficit (if you are making the $25 / hour rate), which gets you to $52,000 / year. That would pay for 7 months of the rent mentioned above.

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