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Friday, May 19, 2017

Rain Praises

My favorite days of any year are Fridays when it rains. As far back as junior high, I remember being excited when it would rain on a Friday. I don't recall what the initial 'good thing' was that happened on a rainy Friday - I have just always had the preconceived idea that good things happen to me on a rainy Friday. Thus, with rain coming down outside, it feels fitting and proper to acknowledge some things that are planned for today:
  1. Karen's last day in her present role is today - she begins a different role in a different department with a different manager. Like when I left QDS to go to the Hell company, there are mixed feelings. You leave behind friends at the old job and have to learn to embrace new friends. In my experience, those friendships are never the same after you no longer see those friends every day. It's just different.
  2. At 10 AM, John, the tile guy, is coming to our house to finish the tile in our bathroom. I paid him $180 yesterday for the work.
  3. At 4, I am bee-lining to a house about 10 minutes north of work to pick up a PC tower for $60. I am excited to be doing this so that I can have a second PC / machine to rip CDs. I am hoping by doing this I can alleviate the issue I've been having with the Toshiba laptop, which is that the CD drive does not recognize some data CDs that I know were recognized during prior CD to MP3 conversions.
I feel like James felt in this picture I saw in this concert review - Metallica treats Nassau Coliseum concertgoers to rock party - just now:

That is the facial expression of a guy who is enjoying life and even though I can't see his face, I would like to think Kirk Hammett is smiling too. I wish Chris Cornell was alive to see that smile...

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