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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

From Today and Back to 8898 days ago

Some of these I knew; others sounded familiar.

There were a few that made me long for different (not necessarily better) days.

Last night's episode featured Roman Reigns / Seth Rollins v. Bray Wyatt / Samoa Joe in the main event. The ending came when Reigns went to hit Samoa Joe with the Superman punch. Like I've seen in countless other matches, Samoa Joe moved out of the way and Reigns tried to pull his punch back but did end up running into Rollins, who was then pissed at Reigns and distracted. That allowed Samoa Joe to put his submission move on Rollins. Those four are in the Fatal 5 Way match at Extreme Rules on June 4th. The fifth member of that match, Finn Balor, was shown at the end of the episode talking to General Manager Kurt Angle. He told Angle that it was a great match but he didn't want to be left out next week. Angle made next week's main event right then: Finn Balor v. Samoa Joe v. Bray Wyatt. Angle also announced Seth Rollins v. Roman Reigns as the other match for next week.

This is what Bleacher Report reported about the match:




The match quality was strong and the spot with Reigns blasting Rollins by accident, costing them the main event was a nice alternative to the smiling good guys winning the match. Joe and Wyatt putting their differences aside to secure victory was a nice take on the old "tag partners who hate each other" trope while the announcement that they will battle, along with Balor, in a Triple Threat match next week added a must-see element to the Memorial Day broadcast.

While the match still adhered far too closely to WWE's stale booking methods, it was a quality match to close out an action-packed broadcast.

Read more results here.

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