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Monday, May 15, 2017

Wishing Luck

When I read an article about Iowa women's soccer, it's routine and typical that I also think about the former Iowa women's soccer coach, who also was my neighbor, Ron Rainey - and to also reflect upon the past, which seems to be the theme for the weekend that just completed. First, yesterday in his homily, Father Stephen Page talked about looking in the rear-view mirror as you drive forward, which he told us we should not do in the parking lot. Second, I watched the Season 8 finale of Shark Tank last night. A woman had a product that was for brides to be able to go to the bathroom by themselves. There was a netting that they rolled their dress into so there would no longer be a need for a bridesmaid to help the bride. When the woman with the product told her story, she talked about how she had the idea in 2002 but then let it 'sit' for 13 years. When the Sharks asked her why, she said that she had learned she needed to surround herself with positive people and that it had been a hard lesson. Lori, one of the Sharks, talked about putting the past behind you. Third, I reread some earlier journal entries in my summary volume of the 10 Year Project and reflected upon where I was and where I am. Certainly, it's always easy to wax poetic about the past - hell, read pretty much any post on this blog and there's an undercurrent of wanting to relive the past in areas about college, work, and yes, even family. Given time to do what I want, I often find myself reflecting on my past.

Today, though, on a beautiful Monday AM, at work, I am able to eat donuts from the Hy-Vee gas station and I am able to drink a Mountain Dew Pitch Black. My life moves forward every day and while I sincerely might wish Margaret & Ron still lived next door to me, the reality is some wishes don't come true because they are beyond my control. The other aspect of all of this is that I like Molly & Ezra, who moved into Margaret & Ron's house. Their kids, Mac & Violet, are going to be fun to watch as they grow up. I think about that when I think about Alex graduating from high school in 12 days and then, later in August, both Megan & Alex will be moving up north, to Cedar Falls, for the next UNI school year. The next 93 days are sure to feel like they are passing by very quickly even though science says there are the same amount of hours in the next 93 as there have been as long as I've been alive.

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