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Friday, August 11, 2017

About Being Unforgiven and an Update about my Journalitis

no No NO - I have never cheated on my wife and no No NO - I never will!

But I know husbands who have cheated on their wives and I know wives that have cheated on their husbands. All of that to say, damn! I can't imagine the pain of what this guy on Quora has been going through since his wife passed away!

One other comment about this subject. I attended a Bible study a couple of years ago about the Book of James. One of the most powerful things I heard during these weekly sessions is when the father-in-law of one of my friends talked about cheating on a spouse. He said, paraphrased, that he couldn't imagine what the conversation with God would be like - to have to tell God in your prayers what the cheating spouse had done and to ask for forgiveness from God for that sin. In the years since I heard him say that, I've often pondered if the men and women - my friends - woke up on the morning they cheated on their spouse and knew they were going to cheat or if it was a spur of the moment / heat of the passion decision. I have never asked them and I can't say I would ever bring it up in conversation with them.

It is something I sometimes write about in my private journal, though, which you will never read. I am currently writing in Volume 19, section IV, which was originally scheduled for 10/2018. Through excessive writing, I'm over a year ahead of my pre-planned schedule. The other month / years in this volume are as follows:
  1. Section I: 06/2020
  2. Section II: 10/2019
  3. Section III: 02/2021
  4. Section IV: 08/2017 ---------- I just mentioned this above
  5. Section V: 11/2012 ---------- only previously used volume in this notebook
I haven't mentioned my journalitis, but it rages on within the 10 Year Journal Project!

Editor's Note: This is the link to the Quora article:

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