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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

When A is Unequal (in EVERY way) to B

In my Indeed Job Alert email, I saw this:

Ever curious, I went out to the ad to review it and what I viewed made ZERO sense! How does a company advertise the position "User Experience Writer" with this description:

The Manager, Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) is responsible for the management, configuration, testing, security, business process design and maintenance, data integrity, and end-user system training for various Human Resource systems. This role manages data integrity, feeds, and reporting. The position leads and unleashes the capabilities of Workday.

The analogy that sprang to my mind was to release a movie trailer that has "Star Wars" as the first words that are seen, but the first character you see is Captain Kirk.


User Experience Writer has absolutely nothing to do with that text?!? Read the original ad below:

Working at TaxAct used to be a good idea as taxes are not something I know a lot about and so I had always thought, in the deep crevices of my mind, that working at TaxAct would require me to master a new subject matter. It would be added to the list of other industries I've worked in:
  1. life insurance
  2. hazardous materials management
  3. telecommunications & billing
  4. equine management
  5. fleet management
  6. medical devices
  7. education
  8. disaster recovery (current)
But if they can send out an ad for "user experience writer" with the obviously wrong description and NO ONE caught it?

Editor's Note: The decision to use the labels "idiots" and "stupid people" are a result of extensive arguments behind-the-scenes.

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