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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

More Fodder for Copyeditor at the CRG

From: Double standard? University of Iowa volleyball coach not fired after parent complaints of verbal abuse ... Former University of Iowa Deputy Athletics Director says he would have fired Jane Meyer for yelling at her boss:

After reading the article, I'm wondering if there was a double standard. Seriously, don't we all want to be treated the same? If I do something awesome at work while working on a team, I want to be as recognized as my teammates. I get that.

But then comes my curse of seeing both sides. There are likely other circumstances that were not brought into light during Barta's testimony about how he handles discipline issues. Maybe Barta met with the volleyball coach and heard the other side of the story about why the coach was doing what he did. I can tell you the hair on the back of my neck was raised when it was the parents who complained about the way their daughter was being treated. I can see parents doing that in elementary, junior high, and possibly high school. This is a college student. The step after college is a job. Who's to say this student won't find herself in a situation where her boss is not the nicest human being on the planet? Will she expect her parents to speak to her boss on her behalf? When does the cord get cut?

This trial has suddenly become more interesting to me.

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