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Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Decade Passes By

I really like how Rush continues to find new ways to market themselves not only to old fans but to new ones. Consider that 10 years ago "R30" came out - a box set that celebrated 30 years of the band's existence. Now, a decade later, out comes "R40" - a box set that celebrates 40 years of the band's existence. Here's the trailer:

I looked into buying it - price is ~$100 - but I am not as gung ho about buying it as I was just a few moments ago, thanks to the user reviews - multiple people claiming to be Rush fans pointing out that most of the material on this release has been released previously in some form or another. I like this person's comment:

Rush Not "Trying" To Please Fans This Time
By G-Math on October 10, 2014

I just read an article from 10/7/14 on titled "How To Succeed In Business By Really Trying." They went on to say how in the 20th century the "consumer" who would buy anything has turned into the "customer" with demands and high expectations. I really think Rush's management and record company need to have a meeting and read that article together because they are not "trying" very well lately. The bonus disc is nothing more than bait to punish loyal fans by having them repurchase all of the past decade's DVDs all over again. Unacceptable! They should know their Rush base is the most loyal in the world and would already have these titles. Even Rolling Stone magazine knows about Rush fans! Don't play stupid! Why insult us?

Just release the bonus disc for $12.99 and you will sell 250,000+ copies. Keep the package as it is and you're lucky to sell 1,000. If you're really smart, package the bonus disc with another anniversary CD of classic covers (Feedback 2) and sell it for $19.99. Rush fans love material they don't already have but get really angry when they are fed the duplicate copies. It's like mocking us for our loyalty. Yeah, we're loyal. But we're not idiots! Hello? Rush fans are actually the smarts ones, remember?

Stop trying to play us for fools.

P.S. I've been an obsessive-compulsive Rush fan for over 20 years now. This release will not change that, but I will ignore it like I have all of the pointless compilation discs we've seen since the late 90s and wait for the bonus materials to appear on YouTube. And yes, they will appear on YouTube and after 2 weeks of people reloading them up, Rush's record company will stop trying to take them down and by then they will realize what a horrible mistake they have made.

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