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Sunday, December 14, 2014

I Have Goosebumps

After I posted my previous post, I started looking through regional Craigslist ads for a drummer. I came across this one, based in Des Moines, that seems to be in line with what I've described when I have described an "Ideal Band" in the past. I'm not all that keen on the "dress up like the 80s" idea, but the description has my attention. Do your homework, get together and tighten up right before the gig. Wow.

Looking for Bassist and drummer for 80's pop tribute

Des Moines' premier 80's pop tribute band is seeking a bass player and drummer.
We play 3-4 high profile shows a year. We are possibly looking to play more if the money is right.
We dress in the pop 80's fashion and play covers by bands such as Duran Duran, Men at work. The Cure, Tears for Fears.
We are all seasoned musicians, and are professional, all have other projects and are doing this to make some extra cash and have a blast.
Basically, you learn the tunes and do your homework and we get together a week or so prior to shows to tighten up.
We currently have dates booked for January and February, and some summer shows.
Please contact me ASAP of interested.
Call number,


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