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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions Part II

I didn't name my post the other day "Frequently Asked Questions Part I" because I never considered that there would be anything more to write about it.

I was wrong.

  • From Support Rep 1: 
    • Please go to the review page. All the photos with yellow dot, are the photos that are printed and used already.
  • From Me: 
    • Are you going to see that the FAQ page is updated with this information?
  • From Support Rep 2: 
    • The FAQ page has that info on page 6.
  • From Me: 
    • But what about on this page:
  • From Support Rep 2: 
    • I will let our Tech support know, but for current updates please refer to the App and not the website.
  • From Me: 
    • I am evaluating how the app works and haven’t installed it yet. Your website is the only place I (or any other potential customer) can obtain information about the app prior to installing it.

At this point, I hope I don't need to have a part III to what should have been a simple fix, especially since the information is on "Page 6" already. To me, it sounds like their content needs to be stored in a central repository - a single source - and use some sort of automation to spit out the applicable content to where existing customers can read the information within the app and where potential customers can read the information on the website.

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