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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Splitting the Ironies into Three

  1. Mom was left-handed. When her body began to betray her, it was her left hand that contracted first. Over the last few years, she had to learn to use her right hand for basic things like eating.
  2. Mom was a communicator. She earned a MA in Language Arts from the University of Iowa. For 40 years, her expertise was being able to communicate. Now, when I see her, she cannot communicate. She looks at me but it's like she can't see me.
  3. This is a delicate subject. This paragraph that you are now reading is the result of several drafts. It is ironic that I am the one in close proximity as Mom completes her final journey on Earth because for numerous reasons that I find no value in drudging up, I can't say that I was as close to her for a number of years.

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