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Saturday, July 16, 2016


I read the article below and I'm going to go with it's a good idea to balance between the facts and hyperbole, but I also think that HRC can't really lecture anymore about telling the truth. She has no credibility.

This is kind of twisted but maybe America does need HRC to be President. Hear me out. If she does make our country worse than now, I would love to see the 2020 campaign highlight the last 12 years (most believe that HRC is a 3rd term for the Obama administrationand, which is where I get 12 years). The Republicans can make "what has been done to make life easier for me?" their focus.

Here is my take on the election today.

I really don't think Donald Trump will be a good president. Then again, I know that there is a big difference between candidate and elected. A lot is said that sounds great but it's doing it that is tough. And when I saw the HRC campaign ad where Trump says that he uses himself as a resource and the other one where he says he watches TV to get information about the world... She has him by the jockstrap.

All this to say that the HRC campaign is going to hammer out of Trump a lot of the policy he's not going to be ready to explain. And shouting "Crooked Hillary" isn't a strong strategic plan.

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