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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Reactions to the DNC
  • This section hit a grand slam in the bottom of the 9th in game 7 of the World Series
    • I got a text message from a senior Republican congressman after hearing President Obama’s speech last night. The congressman wrote, “We were supposed to make that sort of speech.” Barack Obama offered optimism and “Morning in America” to Trump’s “Midnight in America” doom, gloom, and despair.
  • Love the opening of this article:
    • The Democrats, the party of secular atheists who think it is okay to crack open the skulls of children and suck out their brains while tearing them limb from limb, spent far more time during prime time television coverage talking about God and faith than the Republicans did last week.
  • Agree with this analysis:
    • Having Michael Brown’s mother up there was a direct slap in the face of police and the concept of law and order. He ripped off a liquor store and attacked a cop, trying to take away his gun for reasons we can only assume weren’t friendly. He was killed because of his violence against an innocent man. You can argue he didn’t deserve to die, but his actions earned it.  
  • As well as this:
    • “The system is rigged” shouted U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., after recounting her rise from nothing to being a millionaire. Not too rigged obviously. Warren also railed against Donald Trump for seeking profit from foreclosed properties, which just so happens to be how she made a nice chunk of her fortune. The only difference is Trump never pretended to be a minority to get a job. Maybe Warren’s Indian name should be “Whiter Than Fresh Snow”?
  • Good for Ann Coulter to chisel away lunacy and conclude her column with these words:
    • Donald Trump, along with every other Republican ever to run for president, is required to repeatedly "disavow" David Duke -- someone he's never met, never mentioned, never thought of, and certainly didn't invite to speak at his convention. But Hillary invites to her convention the mother of a man whose criminality destroyed a police officer's life, tore the country apart and gave birth to a murderous cop-hating movement. Will a single reporter ask Hillary to disavow that?
    •  Side note: Charles Barkley chisels away the lunacy about race in the United States when he said this, as reported here.
      • Charles Barkley made some spot on points in an interview [July 12, 2016] with The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz. The interviewers kept trying to make their liberal agenda talking points to Charles but he wasn’t having it. There is no doubt that Charles has a firm grasp on this subject and those that did the interview are probably voting for Hillary or Bernie.
        “The cops have made some mistakes, but that doesn’t give us the right to riot and shoot cops. We need the cops, especially in the black community. We as black people, we’ve got to do better. We never get mad when black people kill each other, which that has always bothered me… I’ve always said if we as black people want more respect, we have to give each other respect. You can’t demand respect from white people and the cops if you don’t respect each other. We’ve got to do better as black people.”

As for me and what I thought of the DNC? I didn't watch a moment of TV last night. I ripped some CDs and taped CD booklets to the den wall as Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" played. I drummed on the Yamaha electronic set for a few minutes. Then I went to bed and slept like a rock on the bottom of a lake.

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