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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Scary Bugs

Yesterday, I encountered a scary bug in my bank's online system. Here's what happened.
  1. I reconcile my bank account with an Excel file very routinely and when I had done so in the morning, the account balances were fine.
  2. In the afternoon, I went to my bank's online system and viewed my account balance - I had paid a few bills and wanted to see if they had cleared. For this example, my balance was 1.
  3. I went to look at the details of my account and the information was very strange. While the account balance was correct at the top of the page, the actual balance showed a huge negative number.
  4. I stopped at my bank on the way home and spoke with a personal banker. She read an email she had received that day between when I had checked my balance in the morning and when I had checked my balance in the afternoon and saw the out-of-whack discrepancy. I was never more relieved to hear there was a bug in the system that they were aware of and were working to resolve.
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