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Friday, July 15, 2016

Trying Not to Cry

I'm not going to dwell about what happened yesterday because I don't have time to break down and bawl like I really want to so I'll keep this short. There was an asshole who drove a semi into a crowd of pedestrians in Nice, France. I admit that I didn't know where that was until Karen showed me that this apparent terrorist attack took place in a town that is 5 hours away from where my son is RIGHT NOW! On Fox News, a talking head stated that he had heard rumblings that there could be another terrorist attack in Germany. Alex flies out of Germany on Monday!

As I said, I'm not going to dwell much about this. I've been on my knees as I prayed for his safe return. This really is mind-numbing and I'm somewhat glad I have a due date for something at work so I can attempt to focus on that instead of the fact that my son is in Europe and there are bad things happening.

I do not mean to sound selfish when I write about Alex and wanting his safe return. There are ~300 kids from Iowa on the trip with him and, of course, the death count at this moment is 80. Of course, I want all of the kids on the IAM trip to return safely and of course I feel sympathy for the victims and their families. It came across earlier today that there were two Americans among the 80 killed - a father and a son.

Fucking terrorist bastards...

Editor's Note: No apology forthcoming for the use of the f-word above - judged appropriate for the situation. Additionally, while the world will come together and mourn for the lives lost in Orlando, San Bernardino, and Nice, it will not come together to mourn for the lives lost in the abortion clinics. Nearly 1 Million Babies Killed By Planned Parenthood Last Year According to Abortion Giant has the horrific details.

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