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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Honoring the Dead by Blaming Them and Target Bathrooms

Two topics that are related only because they seem to represent policies the Democrats endorse.
  • Because of the content at the other end of this link, I am compelled to repeat the warning at the top of the destination page:
    OBSCENITY WARNING: Extensive use of profanity in the quoted BLM tweets.
    Here's the link:
  • There was outrage recently when Target declared you can use the bathroom that you want. Erick Erickson ranted about what that would mean and was then called a bigot and a terrible person (those are my words, not actual quotes) because he refused to support Target's initiative. Liberals proclaimed that this move would be welcoming to those who are men but "identify" as women and vice-versa. When concerns about perverts using this policy to exploit their perversion, EE was told he was being mean. Well, it now appears he was right because in Idaho, a man who identifies as a woman took pictures in a women's dressing room. Read about it here.

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