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Monday, July 25, 2016

Melania Trump's White Dress

I nearly spit out the Pepsi that was in my mouth.

If HRC is elected, will there be more articles like this?

To hear about HRC's vision for the future, try to stomach this. Here's quotes that I have chosen that, had a Republican said it, the liberal press would be all over the speaker. Here's the quote:
I want an economy that gets back to raising incomes for everybody. Most Americans haven't had a raise. I want an economy that's going to help lift millions of people out of poverty. Because, given the great recession, we have fallen back in the wrong direction.
Says the de facto leader of the Democrat party that has been in charge for 8 years.
...we know that there are Republicans who share our concerns and want to be part of the solution, not just peddling fear and bigotry.
Says the supporter of "Black Lives Matter"...
Let's separate the mass murders that we have at places like Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Aurora, Colorado, and recognize that those are rooted in the much too readily available weapons of mass killings, mostly the assault weapons, and usually some kind of underlying motivation whether it is mental health or in the case of the killer in Charleston deep racist hatred. Those are homegrown. And they have to be addressed.
It's the people, which she kind of seems to imply, before falling back on "much too readily available weapons" as the cause. If the issue being discussed was drunk driving, would this statement be changed to "rooted in the much too readily available cars"? C'MON!
And I'm not going to engage in that kind of insult fest that he seems to thrive on ... he's perfectly free to use up his own airtime and his own space to do. I'm going to talk about what he's done, how he has hurt people in business time after time after time. His vicious language against immigrants. His insulting a distinguished federal judge of Mexican heritage. His mocking a person with a disability. His really inflammatory language about Muslims, about American Muslims, about Muslims all over the world. His demeaning comments about women.
I'm not going to engage, but I'm going to do the same thing he's doing, which is to make this election not about policy, but about emotion. I sincerely think when Trump mocked "a person with a disability," I was shocked.
Hillary Clinton: Well, I didn't hear it, because I wasn't watching. But I certainly heard about it, yes.

Scott Pelley: Did you feel threatened by that?

Hillary Clinton: No, I felt sad.

Scott Pelley: Sad?

Hillary Clinton: It felt very sad, Scott. I mean-- I don't know what their convention was about, other than criticizing me. I seem to be the only unifying theme that they had. There was no positive agenda. It was a very dark, divisive campaign. And the people who were speaking were painting a picture of our country that I did not recognize. You know, negative, scapegoating, fear, bigotry, smears.
So... you didn't watch it, but you know what was said? There was a letter to the Cedar Rapids Gazette years upon years ago that claimed The Lion King proved Disney was "anti-Christian." The problem? The letter was written & published prior to the movie being released.

And that's about all I can take the time to respond to as my gag reflex has been working overtime as I wrote this post.

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