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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

All Kinds of Rock (Apparently)

I despise when unintelligent people make decisions that characterize the truth incorrectly. That's exactly what I see on the Free Entertainment website for the Iowa State Fair. An unintelligent person created these genres to assign a genre to the bands that are playing:

That is the worst list I've ever seen.


First, all the genres that include the word "rock" should be renamed to begin with the word "rock" so that all the "rock" genres are listed together in alphabetical order. This is what the list should look like:
  • Rock
  • Rock - 80s
  • Rock - Christian
  • Rock - Folk & Country
  • Rock - Pop
  • Rock - Southern 
Second, when it came to assigning a genre to the bands, either a second unintelligent person did that work or the same unintelligent person who created the genres did that work. Setting aside the terrible genre names for the moment, I seriously question the assignment of these terrible genres to the bands.

Do you see that? Kix is an "80s Rock" band but Bang Tango & Dokken are not?
  1. I listened to Bang Tango's "Psycho Cafe" in 1989, which is when it was released.
  2. I listened to Dokken's albums throughout the 1980s, from "Breaking the Chains" to "Tooth & Nail" to "Under Lock & Key" to "Back for the Attack" to their live "Beast from the East" in 1988. There is no reason to not consider them an "80s Rock" band.

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