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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

BS Alert

From Group alleges Liberty principal illegally advocated for bond issue:

A campaign ethics complaint calls into question whether Liberty High's principal inappropriately advocated for the Iowa City Community School District's coming bond vote. The Vote No local ballot issue committee, which opposes the Sept. 12 general obligation bond referendum, said in a complaint that Liberty Principal Scott Kibby violated Iowa law by backing the bond issue in an email to families on June 22. Martha Hampel, Vote No's treasurer, said the group filed the complaint Saturday. Megan Tooker, executive director of the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board, confirmed Monday that it was received.

I have known Scott Kibby for many MANY years - I remember him as a student teacher years upon years ago - like high school era so 29 years ago. I have no doubt that he is a good guy - I hope these charges are politically motivated.

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