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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sometimes a Fantasy

As I read a story about a very neat idea regarding the "bombshell" news that Kurt Angle has a son who is a WWE wrestler, I had the Billy Joel tune "Sometimes a Fantasy" in my head:

This is the version on the "Glass Houses" release:

This is the version from a concert:

Back to the point of this post, this is the article - - that made me think of the song. To have the ideas expressed in the following three paragraphs would be a fantasy come true:

The problem would become even worse when Jordan eventually starts taking advantage of the situation by cheating to win and not taking his job as seriously as he should. By leaning on Angle to give him elite matchups, cover for his mistakes and do the hard work for him, the rift between Angle and Jordan could begin.

After weeks of Angle dealing with the backlash from other WWE Superstars and being used by Jordan, the former American Alpha member should reveal that he made up the whole story about Kurt being his father as a way to ensure his spot as one of the top stars on Raw.

In addition to tearing Angle's heart out by announcing that the fatherhood story was all a big lie, Jordan can also reveal that the mastermind behind the whole deception was Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who were both dead set on driving Angle out of the GM spot.

How sweet would this be?!? It outlines how the recently revealed revelation would tie into a longer-term story that I would care about seeing on a weekly basis.

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