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Thursday, July 20, 2017

More Hatred Bubbles to the Surface

All these terrible things people wrote about Senator John McCain's brain cancer has really affected me.
Consider this article - - which includes this text:

Gill states specifically that he will be spending his millions to propagandize the country’s most conservative and Christian states, where he is hopeful to use his money and influence to, “punish the wicked.” Who is “the wicked?” Christians who morally oppose LGBT conduct and don’t wish to embrace or normalize it.
It is the perfected embodiment of yet another self-evident inconsistency: While Christians proclaiming LGBT behavior sinful is discriminatory and must be culturally scorned, LGBT activists proclaiming Christian behavior wicked is praiseworthy and must be culturally embraced.

I heard a homily at our church one time by Father Stephen Page, who said, paraphrased, that the problem with pointing a finger at someone and saying "Bad person! Bad person!" is that there are other fingers pointing back at you.

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