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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I were to buy a ticket for each game on the 2017 Iowa football home schedule, it would cost $480.
Sept.  2    $45 each Wyoming (11 am)
Sept. 16    $45 each North Texas (2:30 pm)
Sept. 23    $95 each Penn State
Oct.   7    $60 each Illinois (11 am)
Oct.  28    $80 each Minnesota
Nov.   4    $95 each Ohio State
Nov.  18    $60 each Purdue
Total =     $480
I really can't imagine going to those games. If I was to take a kid with me, it would cost $960! And, if the four of us were going to go - if going to football games as a family is what we did - it would be $1920!! That's pretty darn close to what we pay for our seasonal spot for our camper in Elkader, just to give perspective.

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