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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Change of Plans

I had intended to go see "The Big Sick" with Karen, Megan, and Alex at the Coral Ridge Mall Theater today, but after learning it was rated R, we decided to not go to it. Then I happened to see that "47 Meters Down" was playing at the Collins Road Theater. That place is so awesome! Four tickets was $20 and all of our pop, popcorn, and candy was ~$20. It is $7.75 for a matinee movie at Coral Ridge Mall Theater so, just to get in, would have been $31. I remember posting the trailer for "47 Meters Down" elsewhere on this blog. It's the movie about the two sisters who go into a shark cage and then run into issues. I remember thinking there was no way Karen would go see it, but she agreed. She says I squeezed her hand too tight during one of the scenes in the movie. While it was a good movie, I will say I'm glad it was PG-13 because I wouldn't have survived the movie if it was rated R - and I'll leave it at that.

The bigger news about this weekend is that Comic Con happened in San Diego and new (awesome!!) trailers were shown:
  1. Thor - Ragnarak
  2. The Walking Dead
  3. Justice League
  4. Fear the Walking Dead
  5. Avengers - Infinity War - Not officially released, but here's what I saw.

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