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Sunday, July 23, 2017


Alex & I are going to Best Buy in Coralville today to have the Geek Squad look at his laptop regarding if anything can be done to make it faster. I was looking at the Best Buy weekly ad and came across an external hard drive with a 8 TB capacity that is on sale for $159.99, which is $140 off of the regular price or 46% - one hell of a deal!

The next question became whether or not all of my existing external hard drives would fit on a single 8 TB external hard drive. Here are my drives and their capacities, as of today:

Drive LetterUsedFreeCapacity
B1.93 TB1.70 TB3.63 TB
Drive M & N - the WD Cloud1.35 TB1.32 TB2.68 TB
U1.60 GB223 GB1.81 TB
V479 GB452 GB931 GB
Y2.16 GB1.47 TB3.63 TB
Z1.02 TB808 GB1.81 GB

Side note: Google is awesome! I entered this string into the search box:
1.93 TB + 1.35 TB + 1.60 TB + 479 GB + 2.16 GB + 1.02 TB
and google spit out

(1.93 TB) + (1.35 TB) + (1.60 TB) + (479 GB) + (2.16 GB) + (1.02 TB) = 6.38116 terabytes

See for yourself - it's quite remarkable!

Then, I entered

3.63 TB + 2.68 TB + 1.81 TB + 931 GB + 3.63 TB +1.81 GB

and got this for an answer:

(3.63 TB) + (2.68 TB) + (1.81 TB) + (931 GB) + (3.63 TB) + (1.81 GB) = 12.68281 terabytes

It's like a present for English majors! <grin>
Finally, this is the amount of free space I have:

(1.70 TB) + (1.32 TB) + (223 GB) + (452 GB) + (1.47 TB) + (808 GB) = 5.97300 terabytes

So. I have a vision for copying all of my files to a single 8 TB external hard drive, which will have its cord far FAR away from my feet so I don't accidentally cause it to fall to the ground and discontinue working, and then to manipulate the storage space so as to use my current external hard drives as backups, perhaps by file type, perhaps not. I should probably plot out my strategy so as to have a single plan and a single idea as to what it will all look like when it is done.

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