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Monday, July 24, 2017

Uh, No. Boys do not Have Periods

I read the Huffington Post just to get a different perspective, but this is ridiculous! This analysis by Erick Erickson of the article is spot-on. I'll include the link to the HP piece as well as the EE analysis below. First, EE's analysis:

Transgenderism is not science based. It is a mental health issue. We do not get to choose to be boys or girls and we should not take anyone seriously who thinks otherwise.
The most hilarious part is that the very people who think this is a powerful photo of all sorts of truths will call you anti-science if you raise any question at all about climate change.
  1. Here's the full analsys by EE Huffington Post Goes Anti-Science: Shows a Girl Dressed as a Boy, Claiming Boys Get Periods
  2. Here's the original article:

Then there's this from If the GOP Continues Funding Planned Parenthood, Christians Should Defund the GOP:

They told us to give them the House and they’d repeal Obamacare. We did that in 2010. Then they said they needed the Senate. We gave them that in 2014. Then they needed the White House. We got that for them in November 2016.

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