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Friday, July 21, 2017

Same Issue

My main RoboHelp project is not cooperating with me. I cannot go to File > Close. I need to get this straightened out before Wednesday, July 26th, which is when I am showing my manager my progress in preparation for our weekly meeting the next day with his boss. The following week, I am on vacation. When I return from vacation, I will have that week to wrap up any loose ends. I will likely 'freeze' a copy of the project on Thursday, 8/10, which is the day of our weekly meeting with my manager and his manager. From 8/10 - 8/16, I will work on a copy of the project for a very good reason: I won't want anything to get messed up before Wednesday, 8/16.

Why is that day important? Well, early in the AM, we - Karen, Megan, Alex, and I - will go up to Cedar Falls to move the kids into their UNI dorm (Alex) and UNI apartment (Megan). I need to leave Cedar Falls no later than 2:00, which would get me to North Liberty at 3:30(ish) which will be in time for a 4:00 PM meeting with the IT auditor, my manager's boss, and other senior directors in the department. On that day, I will have zero time to work on this RoboHelp project so I must have every thing absolutely frozen prior to leaving work on Tuesday.

To troubleshoot my project, I am going to make a copy of the HTML files 

I found some posts in the RoboHelp forums about it:
Hoping I resolve this today.

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