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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Trump and Russia

Erick Erickson continues to impress me with thought-provoking analysis of the political climate in our country. Here are two examples:
  1. Sleazy is Not Criminal. It’s Just Democrat Behavior.
  2. These Lines From the New York Times Story Should Leave You Scratching Your Head
The New York Times story that is being discussed can be read here: Trump Jr. Was Told in Email of Russian Effort to Aid Campaign

Did Trump do something bad? Did Russia interfere? I don't have first-hand knowledge of it so I rely upon the opinions of political writers like Erickson and the Crooks & Liars website to form my opinion. Speaking of the C & L website, they have a different perspective: Donald Jr's Russian Lawyer Meeting Might Just Sink The Trump Administration, which was posted on a website I had never seen until today called

I don't know what the right answer is to all of this, but hopefully, someday it is all sorted out.

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