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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Lesson 2016:06

I learned that in times of despair and in times of feeling low, I have a network of friends and family that will help me and I composed the following list. I often think that when you start listing people, someone's feelings get hurt because they thought they would be mentioned and then they are not. I gave myself a limit of 20 people that mean a lot to me, though, in my private journal, I had others listed. Each of the following people are my friends. Each friendship likely deserves its own post to elaborate how much they meant to me in 2016:
  1. Brunch, J
  2. Brunch, K 
  3. Eadie
  4. Goodrich
  5. Gravel
  6. Hanson, C
  7. Helmke
  8. Kleitsch, K
  9. Kleitsch, N 
  10. Kozlik
  11. Nath
  12. Rath
  13. Sigwarth, M
  14. Sigwarth, S
  15. Sigwarth, D
  16. Sigwarth, C
  17. Wiltgen, M
  18. Wiltgen, L
  19. Wubena, B
  20. Wubena, D 
Editor's Note: There was an episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond" that seems applicable. Ray received an honorary degree and, in his acceptance speech, he failed to mention Debra, his wife. It should be known that the following 6 people do belong on the above list, but including them bumped the total to 26, which was an even number that felt odd. Thus, the "givens" for the above list are the following:
  1. Karen
  2. Megan
  3. Alex
  4. Dad
  5. Sigwarth, L
  6. Sigwarth, J
Reading minds is not a thing in reality . . .

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