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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Put that Tongue in da Cheek

I wanted to make sure I ended 2016 with a sincere and in-depth reflection about where I am in my life when it comes to drinking booze. My main issue with drinking booze was that I liked every thing about it except the impact it had on my life. In the moments of "having a good time," I was awesome. I really was. I was one of those "all-in" type of party dudes, having a good time until I went beyond my limit. So many DUMB and idiotic things while under the influence were said and done by me.

Frankly, those days all seem such a long time ago when I reflect about them today, 12/31/2016.

It is 6 years (2192 days) since I "officially" quit drinking booze.

I admit I have had some situations come up in 2016 when I seriously questioned why I quit drinking, but those situations are best left to my private journal as the environment to unwrap those thoughts and feelings.

I will say that I persevered and I did not cave to those situations of weakness.

Now that I'm over half-way there, my short-term goal is to reach a decade of sobriety (2020), but my long-term goal is to never drink booze again.

I'm confident I will be successful.

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