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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ten Albums I Listened to A Lot in 2016: #06 - Concert Prep Mix

One of the highlights of 2016 was attending concerts with Alex, my son. I attended two concerts with him, both at the 7 Flags Center in Clive, IA (near Des Moines). The first concert was headlined by Bring Me the Horizon while the second concert was headlined by Pierce the Veil. For both of those concerts, I listened to a lot of tunes by those bands. This was also when I was introduced to the bands I Prevail and Neck Deep. I didn't create a playlist for the prep I did for these concerts but if you go to, enter "Bring Me the Horizon 10 Best Songs" and "Pierce the Veil 10 Best Songs," you're likely to get at least a few of the songs I listened to while doing my research for those concerts. I wouldn't have listed this as an item except that I listened to these bands a lot while I mowed the yard... and I sometimes mowed the yard twice a week.

Notes from the Editor:
  • Including an album in this Top Ten list should not imply an endorsement of the album as being "good" - nothing in the title of these posts states that these are "Ten GOOD Albums I Listened to A Lot in 2016". Pay attention to details. 
  • Also, this is a post in a series of 10 that began being published at 7:30 PM on 12/28. The #1 album was to be posted at 11:59 PM on 12/28, with this schedule, but sometimes "life" takes away plans.
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