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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ten Albums I Listened to A Lot in 2016: #10 - Adelitas Way "The Getaway"

I am only including this on the list because I listened to it a lot when I mowed this summer. It was a release I specifically requested so that I could review it for and because of that, I felt a duty to spend a lot of time with it. You can read the review later. In general, my final comments about this album would be that I didn't care much for it. My review of it was (eventually) published after a lot of thought and contemplation about how to write the review. It's one of those albums I really wanted to like and to write positive words about, but ultimately, I couldn't do that and live with myself.

Adelitas Way Review

Notes from the Editor:
  • Including an album in this Top Ten list should not imply an endorsement of the album as being "good" - nothing in the title of these posts states that these are "Ten GOOD Albums I Listened to A Lot in 2016". Pay attention to details. 
  • Also, this is a post in a series of 10 that began being published at 7:30 PM on 12/28. The #1 album will be posted at 11:59 PM on 12/28. This is the schedule:
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