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Monday, December 19, 2016

Navigating the Tightest of Ropes

It's awful that there is competition in business. Just awful. Every company that wants to exist should exist. Right?

WRONG? If that were true, we'd still have Betamax and cassettes. WWE created an empire. Yes, they competed against WCW in the 90s and ended up winning. They produce a better product when they have competition, but ... oh, why bother.

Read the Huff Post piece about Linda McMahon, who is associated with professional wrestling and the WWE, and make up your own mind: Donald Trump’s Small Business Pick Has A History Of Crushing Smaller Competitors

Editor's Note: The only reason this link is not on the Politics page is because it is about I felt that if I put it on the politics page, I would never be able to find it should I want to.

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