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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Asking questions before I am done!

I got a phone call last night.

“Hello sir? I am calling you because we have identified the problems you have with your computer.”
“How did you get my number,” I asked.
“Asking questions before I am done! Why are you doing that?”
“Excuse me? You are being very rude and I do not have time to talk to rude people,” I said before I hung up.

Karen’s co-worker got one of these phone calls a couple of weeks ago & she bought a “PC service” for $416. She had me come over to look at what they had installed and, while I was there, she called the number to ask for a refund because when I went to the website for the company, it was all about electric generators & no mention of PC support. The last I heard, she hasn’t got her money back.

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