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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Striving for Four (4) a Day

In 2017, my goal is to write 4 posts a day on this blog. Thus far, there have been 53 days in the year so I should be publishing my 212th post by the end of the day. Instead of meeting that goal, including this post, I have published 204 posts. Simple math tells me I average 3.849056603773585 posts a day.

Extrapolating* that data, had I started out with the current goal on the first day I posted, which was 11/26/2007 or 3377 days (9 years, 2 months, 4 weeks) ago, I would have 13508 posts on this blog.

Part of that equation, though, has to be that between my first & second post, 113 days elapsed, which would have been 452 posts. If I take that 13508 total posts and subtract the 452 posts that would have been posted during those 113 days, I have still have 13056 posts, which when it is divided by (3377 total days - 113 days between posts 1 & 2) = 13056/3264, I get four (4).


Holy crap.

I wasn't expecting that!

Let me do that again.

3377 days between 2/23/2017 & 11/26/2007, 113 day break = 3264 days I've actively posted on this blog.

3264 x 4 posts / day = 13056 posts

13067 posts / 3264 = 4.

Just for the record, whenever I did math problems in high school, I would do the problem twice to make sure my answer matched - they rarely did. Thus, the fact that I did the math twice and got the same answer is making me smile.

* Editor's Note: Prior to approving the use of the word "extrapolating" in this sentence, Google was consulted. Because it's a fancy word that has never been used on this site. It is defined as "extend (a graph, curve, or range of values) by inferring unknown values from trends in the known data."

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