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Monday, February 20, 2017


All of these videos could have been a standalone post on their own merits, but they're collected as one because there is a common thread that unites them. See below the 5th video for the reason these 3 drummers belong together.

As for the drummers themselves, two need no introduction: Mike Portnoy and Chad Smith. The third, Tomas Haake does. He is the drummer for Meshuggah, a band that is playing on the Friday night of Chicago Open Air 2017 in July 2017. There are many bands I need to bone up on prior to July 2017 and Meshuggah is one of those bands.

The reason these 3 drummers belong together is that they are all Sabian cymbal endorsers.
And here's another fun fact. If I had seen the video below, I likely would not have sought to hear any Meshuggah tunes.

Editor's Note: Because of embedding the two videos of Tomas Haake playing drums, the "Meshuggah" tag has been added to this blog. Because of embedding the video of Mike Portnoy playing an Adrenaline Mob tune, the "Adrenaline Mob" tag has been added to this blog.

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