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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Not a Fan

I do not think I would take a chance on the four senior managers that were terminated at Wells Fargo. Whether they deserved to be terminated is one thing and the merits of that decision can be debated through both pro and con arguments. My issue with the blurb below is the way personnel issues that are usually private / confidential were not kept confidential. Here is the blurb I read in my CBJ Business Daily email:

Am I in the minority if my first reaction was, "How do these four people find a new job to buy food for their family, to pay their mortgage and other bills?" My second reaction was, "After reading the blurb above, could I ever hire any of these four people, knowing that these were senior-level firings that were broadcasted through the media?" I would be very tentative.

Maybe that's just another one of my (many) character flaws. Personally, I do not believe people should be judged by something that happened once. Could these four people be "awesome" people? Of course. The problem is that they will always be judged by their association with Wells Fargo. It also makes me think why in the hell would I ever apply for a job at Wells Fargo if that is the manner in which they treat employees?

On a similar idea about people being judged, is it fair that Bill Cosby's brilliant humor will be overshadowed by alleged rapes? Personally, as a fan of Cosby's comedy, it's not fair. In Cosby's obituary, I know the scandal / court case will be mentioned as a detrimental footnote to his comedy.

And yet, on a third tangent, I cannot resist commenting about how politics is the worst* when it comes to being judged by the past. Consider this blurb from my MSNBC Last Word email. Those who oppose President Trump have been demanding that Trump denounce antisemitism** and to set the record straight on where he stands as a man. Yesterday, he did. He did what those critics asked him to do and guess what? It's not enough for Steven Goldstein, Excec. Dir of the Anne Frank Center, who says "words don't make up for actions." Certainly, I agree, but god damnnit! Trump did what he was asked to do and it's not good enough. It's at this point that I would throw up my hands in exasperation if I were Trump. I would think "I was told I needed to do this, I do it, and it's not enough." What is enough for those that oppose Trump's policies?

*The majority of political opinions on this blog are stored on the "Get Your Political Opinions Here" page, which is a hyperlink on ====> side of this blog.
**According to the Firefox web browser, anti-Semitism should be antisemitism, which is different from the way MSNBC editors think.

Editor's Note: The next day, this article - Trump has yet to truly condemn anti-Semitism. It’s been almost four years since I started working for The Daily Iowan. In those four years, I have written countless columns about anti-Semitism and what it means to be a Jew today. - was published.

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