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Friday, February 24, 2017

Banging the Drums Because I'm Not Really Banging My Drums

I miss playing in a band.

I long to have my acoustic set up like Aaron Spears. I'm not a fan of the Usher tune itself, but I am a fan of Spears' drumming. By having a second hi-hat by the floor tom, he can play open style and doesn't have to play crossed stick.

Either watch the entire video below (highly recommended!) or jump to here

Certainly, he's not the only drummer to play like that.

The following would be challenging and fun to figure out.

  • Can you call yourself a guitarist if you don't know how to play chords? Can I call myself a drummer if I cannot play the 40 Drum Rudiments?

  • Anika Nilles is a phenomenal drummer. This groove is tasty!

  • The Gloria tune we play at Mass is in 6/8. Maybe I can work this lick in...

There's a story on about Adler's involvement with the G-n-R reunion.

Red Sun Rising is slowly creeping up to Count the Stars, Bayside, and Metallica status.

Halestorm released an EP of cover songs. When I hear these covers, I'm smiling.

  • This is an underrated great ROCK song.

  • This is my personal all-time favorite Soundgarden tune.

  • I was never a huge fan of this tune until I heard Metallica play it in Moline, IL.

  • Personally, I wouldn't want to play this tune in a band. Sure, getting the parts down would make it a tune I would be challenged to learn. The reason I wouldn't want to play it is the same reason Metallica doesn't have affection for the complex tunes on And Justice for All, which is that they have to think about what they are playing instead of grooving to what they are playing.

  • Given the above, I wanted to hear what they could do live - if they could pull it off. Judge for yourself!

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