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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Too Good

At first blush, I thought this "service" would be useless to me.

While I cannot dispute that $6.95 is a great deal when it is 90% of the 'normal' price, my initial reaction was skepticism because of the 1 TB of online backup blurb. I immediately accessed my y:\music_shell folder to find out if 1 TB would be enough room for my Music_Shell folder, which is my primary music collection. As shown below, it would be enough room to backup  my entire y:\music_shell folder:

However, the second thing I did was to access the statistics for what I have on my y: drive, which is my main EHD. As I predicted to myself, the offer above would not be enough room to back up my entire y: drive:

Yet, even knowing that it would not be enough for the entire y: drive, given my track record with multiple EHDs crashing, which resulted in multiple CD to MP3 conversions, wouldn't $6.95 be an insignificant investment for peace of mind that I have another backup of my music? It reminds me of the people that show up on ABC's "Shark Tank" show, where they ask for $100,000 for 20% of their company, a shark counteroffers $100,000 for 30%, the person counters with $100,000 for 25%, and then walks out over 5%. From watching the show, and being at a disadvantage regarding all things financial - thank you Bachelor's degree in English - I've learned that quibbling over 5% may seem like it's "only 5%" but I also have learned that 5% can mean a lot of money, depending upon the valuation of the company. Can you tell a rerun of "Shark Tank" was the last thing on the TV last night? In my situation, there would be 2,300,873,130,167 bytes that would not be backed up or 2.300873130167 TB.

Editor's Note: Shark Tank is enough of a 'thing' in life to warrant a label. Also, there was a lot of math that led down a rabbit hole of converting TB to GB - thanks Google - that has been removed due to the uncertainty of correctness. The intent of the final paragraph in this post was to stress my storage need capacity > 1 TB, which has been accomplished. 

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