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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Laying it Out For Success

Nothing can be discussed about the Iowa Hawkeyes' men's basketball post-season schedule until there is a victory tonight.

As the article points out, the NIT is hard for Hawkeyes to reach. This is because Iowa needs three more wins, perhaps more. The Hawkeyes are 14-13 with games left at home against Indiana, at Maryland and Wisconsin, at home against Penn State. Then, they play at least once in the Big Ten tournament in Washington, DC.

If I were coaching, I'd be stressing the 'one game at a time' mentality. The Hawkeyes confront Indiana tonight @ 8 PM. I would stress that before you can even look at Maryland or WI, or PSU or the Big Ten tournament, you must focus on Indiana and win that game.

Then, we will focus on Maryland.

Then, we will focus on WI.

Then, we will focus on PSU.

Then, we will focus on our Big Ten opponent.

Editor's Note: Success on 2/22! Iowa defeats Indiana in overtime! Read more here.

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