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Friday, February 17, 2017

Must be Buried

Sepultura is another band that has members going their separate ways and waging war in the press. In this video, guitarist Andreas Kisser fires a shot at former bandmates Max and Igor Cavalera and their plans to perform the entire "Roots" album with the declaration that they 'are not doing anything new' in this article on

Sepultura is just like Kiss which is just like Ratt which is just like Metallica which is just like Megadeth which is just like Dream Theater. Instead of resolving differences in-person, each of these bands makes less than flattering comments to sites like, thinking it will somehow resolve their issues. When a band member leaves a band, it's similar to a divorce where fans feel they have to pick a side. Are you on Andreas Kisser's side or Max Calavera's side? I mean, my God, it was 1996, the year Megan was born, when Max left Sepultura after the rest of the band fired his wife Gloria as their manager. That'll be 21 years in August and yet, the questions are asked of Kisser.

Life is too short. All these bands with former members still active in the music business need to adopt a code. The code is this. When you are asked by the media, "What do you think of your former member's current music?" you need to answer one of two ways:
  1. If you've heard the music, you say, "I think [name of former member] is doing what he/she needed to do and I'm happy they found an outlet. I respect their time in our band and I wish them nothing but the best."
  2. If you haven't heard the music, you say, "I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I respect their time in our band and I wish them nothing but the best."
Here Kisser break that code in the video below.

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