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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Enter Information Development World

It was 2012 - nearly 5 years ago - when I attended WinWriters in Memphis. When I see conferences like this one - Information Development World (IDG), I can't help but be taken back to 2012. It was such an awesome time in Memphis with Karen, Mark, and Susie - we still refer to some of the funny things said and done on that trip.

Here's information about the IDG conference:

Information Development World (IDW) is the conference for technical, marketing, and product information managers—the folks responsible for managing the people, processes, and technologies involved in creating exceptional customer experiences with content. IDW takes place May 15-17 at the Quadrus Conference Center in Menlo Park, California, the heart of Silicon Valley venture-capital land.

To read more details about the conference, refer to the Schedule.

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